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About Us

At YourCare24 quality is at the heart of everything we do. Everyone of our clients, colleagues or customers should be guaranteed to be treated with respect and dignity by caring and passionate staff. Managers recognise that success can only be achieved through strong leadership with co-operation and commitment of all employees. We shall ensure that all our staff understand and fully implement our Company’s policies and procedures and are able to perform their duties effectively through ongoing learning and development. All our staff maintains the highest possible professional standards.

In order to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers YourCare24 maintain an effective and efficient Quality System, meeting the requirement of the Care Quality Commission.


Patient-centred – Organise around the patient and their carers and focus on meeting their individual needs. Act with compassion, sensitivity and kindness towards patients, carers and relatives

Collaborative – Including all patients and staff in our discussions and decisions. Work in partnership with patients, their families, and other providers. Patients will feel in control of their health and care needs.

Empowerment – Empowering patients to make decisions with support from our experienced care givers.